The Emerald Forest Wall

 Originally posted January 2017
Vegetation along the Emerald Forest wall
During the 2016 calendar year, the HOA had the walls and entrance monuments inspected, pressure washed and repaired. Homeowners whose properties are bordered by the wall are expected too, and should do their part in maintaining the integrity of the wall. With most of the wall damage caused by overgrown vegetation we urge homeowners to remove trees and vegetation that are up against and over the top of the wall.  Any future damage to the development walls caused by overgrown vegetation would have to be billed back to the property owner where the damage originates. See ARB Guideline below.

Guideline No. 13 – Maintenance of Emerald Forest Subdivision Exterior Brick Wall
13.1 No vines or vegetation of any kind is permitted to grow on or touch the brick wall (located on Buena Vista Woods Boulevard, South Apopka-Vineland Road, and Darlene Drive) surrounding the Emerald Forest subdivision. No vines or vegetation will be permitted to grow in such a manner as to hang over the brick wall.

13.2 The Board of Directors of the Emerald Forest Homeowners Association has complete authority to maintain the brick wall (located on Buena Vista Woods Boulevard, South Apopka-Vineland Road, and Darlene Drive) surrounding the Emerald Forest subdivision in a manner they deem necessary to protect integrity of the wall itself as well the aesthetics of the appearance. This includes repair of the physical wall as well as the maintenance of the bushes, flowers, trees, vines, and all foliage growing near, around, on, or over the wall, as the root system as well as the exterior growth of such foliage has the capability to affect the structure and integrity of the wall. This complete authority includes permitting the association to trim –and in extreme cases remove– said foliage in order to protect the integrity of the wall as well as aesthetic appearance. This trimming includes –but is not limited to– a vertical line as drawn from the inside of the wall. If necessary, the Association has the implied permission to enter the property to perform this maintenance.

13.3 In conjunction with the Declaration of Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions for Emerald Forest, this is a living document of changes and maintenance items that should be considered the minimum with jurisdiction by the ARB. It does not release the homeowner from submitting an ARB application and securing approval prior to beginning any work. ANY ARCHITECTURAL CHANGE NOT EXPLICITY DEFINED IN THESE GUIDELINES IS STRICTLY PROHIBITED AND NOT PERMITTED UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE.