Mail Box

Mailbox Care Instructions and Suggestions

Thank you for purchasing your new Creative Mailbox Designs mailbox! Your new mailbox comes with a standard one-year warranty against manufacturing or material defects.  We’d like to offer you some tips to extend the life of your mailbox so it may continue to give you many years of enjoyment and longevity for your investment.  Nobody likes to think about what would happen to your automobile finish if you left it on the street in the sun baking and never washed it for years—and it’s is not at all different for your mailbox!  It requires care and attention to maintain and extend its beauty.  

We feel that caring for your new mailbox is as easy as 1, 2 , 3:

  1. Pick up some Wash/Wax combo at your local auto parts store. We recommend (Rain-X® Wash & Wax with Carnauba Wax Beads).  This product and the ones like it (yes you can use any wash/wax combo) have the wax suspended in the cleaner, which allows it to wash away the wax residue that can otherwise be left by paste waxes and leave streaks. Please do not use a paste wax (the kind from a can).
  2. Get a soft hand-held car wash brush or sponge, a chamois (shammy), and a small bucket. You probably already have these from your car care kit at home.  Place a few ounces of the wash wax into the bucket and fill it with cool water so its nice and foamy.
  3. Get the mailbox thoroughly wet with a hose.  Then apply the foamy wash/wax liberally over all surfaces of the unit. Then simply rinse thoroughly so that all suds are gone. We recommend the use of a chamois to absorb and dry the water from the mailbox.  Now you’re done!

***We suggest these steps be repeated monthly***

Other tips:

  1. Keep yard equipment like weed whackers and tillers away from the mailbox and hand trim those areas to reduce the risks of damage.
  2. Do not allow a sprinkler system to spray on the boxes directly daily.  Many sprinkler systems have hard water, chlorine, sulfides and other contaminants which can damage protective coatings like paint and powder coat, greatly reducing the life span of your investment.
  3. Do not hang, lean, or shake your mailbox or post, and don’t allow children to play on the mailboxes, as  this can cause damage to your product if enough force is administered.
  4. Always look in your rearview mirror when backing out of the driveway — you just washed and waxed your mailbox as well as your car, and we don’t want to see either if them blemished in any way!

If you have any questions or need any replacement parts, please contact our Customer Service Department at 813-818-7100 or 1-800-804-4809

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